Video from Mobile App Lagging

I have two phones that I use as a video source through the ManyCam Mobile app. But, I have noticed both of the video feeds will lag behind my webcam and the audio. All are connected to the same WiFi network. Any way to get this fixed?

I also haven’t figured out how to get the app to always accept incoming requests for video from my computer. The video feeds will sometimes lose connection and I try to reconnect but it is often inconvenient to keep getting up and going to each device.

Manycam Mobile is a great idea.a but must updated
WiFi lag more better by USB connection
Increase to 4k, lot of smartphone can record this format
Increase possibility to use external microphone
Registered by Mobile reduce cpu usage computer

Has anyone else figured out the delay when using a ManyCam mobile as a source with ManyCam Desktop? If I stream directly from the smartphone app itself, I get a really good quality stream. As soon as I try to make it work with the Desktop version, the stream breaks up and is really unacceptable.

Streaming directly from the phone works swimmingly well. I use a USB-C adapter with an iRig2 to take the audio from the left channel of my mixer into the phone. Mono though it may be, sound quality is excellent. The audio is fine when I stream with the desktop so long as I use the phone as the audio input. However, the stream I get using Desktop with ManyCam mobile is not nearly as smooth and reliable as using the ManyCam app directly.

I’m hardwired to a reasonably fast broadband connection (200 down / 12 up consistently, low ping rates).

Is my only option to use a camera with HDMI output? Or, worse, USB?

Appreciate some guidance, ManyCam! Thanks,


UPDATE: Now the ManyCam mobile Android app will not stream cleanly even from the phone itself. I discovered this when I was testing prior to a live show - quite embarrassing. I won’t be using this app again.

Hey @Michael_Knowles

What mobile app update are you currently using?

2.0.0j (10996) is the version on my phone.

Please try updating the app. The latest update is 2.0.1, which contains a few fixes.

Let me know if this helped.