Video freezing constantly

For the past few weeks, manycam (latest version, macos 11.1) will periodically freeze the video during a zoom call. If I reboot, it works fine for several days, then it starts freezing again. Restarting manycam or deleting and readding the webcam will unfreeze for only a few minutes.

Anyone else seeing this?

just an update - manycam is spiking 100%+ on CPU load (2019 MBP 16). Switching between internal GPU and eGPU doesn’t help. Switching buffer size doesn’t help. The only thing that fixes it for a while is rebooting the machine.

I am not sure how MacOS processes work, however on Windows what I found is by killing the virtual Manycam process it resets it for me and the CPU usage is fine. For some reason if it stays open too long it starts to use more and more CPU. I am guessing some of my other apps, like teams, discord, skype etc are trying to access it in the background causing it to happen.

On the odd occasion, my camera is taken over by facebook (even though I didn’t use it on facbeook) somehow and it keep crashing ManyCams, therefore I will need a reboot or three lol with all programs closed first before Manycams stays open.

I found this. Quick fix (I’m on Mac) without having to restart the software is to go to the screen resolution chooser at the top right and switch it quickly (e.g. 720p to 1080p and back again…might not even have to switch - maybe just click the same resolution). Seems to remove the glitch instantly.

It usually freezes for me when I do something else during a call (e.g. =opening another app or something like that).

re: CPU… not sure - but would probably agree with above re: “I am guessing some of my other apps, like teams, discord, skype etc are trying to access it in the background causing it to happen.”

Might help?

Hmmm. I’ll try killing the ManyCamVideoDeviceAgent and see if that helps next time.

Tried that and no joy, only rebooting seems to work.

Hey @coklondike

Please download and install the latest Beta version of ManyCam using the following link:

ManyCam Beta (latest update)

This version is stable and contains a lot of fixes and enhancements.

Nope, does not correct the issue. Manycam starts out fine, then over a period of time (from 1-2 days), the video constantly slows down, stutters, and eventually hangs. I can delete the camera, then add it back to the preset, it’s fine for a few minutes, then it happens again. The only longers term fix is a complete reboot of the computer, then the whole cycle starts all over again.

I was just on a zoom call where I had to delete and re add the camera to the preset 4-5 times. Last night it was so bad I turned many cam off completely.

Note: Manycam is taking a huge amount of CPU (roughly a full core). I am not using virtual backgrounds (they don’t work very well compared to the ones in zoom itself) or anything other than camera adjustments (zoom/color/contrast).

My wife had this happen last week during a workshop she was teaching - manycam hung completely. She’s stopped using it until this is fixed, and I’m actively looking for a different product for my own needs. Very disappointed that this issue continues.

I am having a similar problem. Manycam freezes during presentations and I have to quit and restart the application to get proper behavior. I see this in GoToMeeting, Zoom, and Skype… :frowning: My meetings last anywhere from 1 hour to 8 hours (really). Very annoying.

macOS 10.15.7 (Catalina - latest updates) on late model MacBook Pro (32GB RAM)
ManyCam (latest)

@coklondike, @RobWalden, @dcb

Do you see that only your web-camera freezing? I mean if you have a timer or animated effects, do you see that they still work but the camera shows the same frame?
I’m asking because fresh macOS allows another app to change the format of a webcam even if it is already taken by another application.

Could anyone try these things:

  1. Right-click on the live with camera added then click on Properties menu and switch from Video Format Auto to Custom. This should “lock” the format of the camera.
  2. Open Launcher -> Other -> Console -> system.log and see for error messages (please share) when the issue happens next time.