Video control: remove auto-play, extend playback controls (play on demand only)


I’ve just bought the Studio Lifetime license having played with what little I could without the dreaded “would you like to upgrade to explore this useful feature?” - though i’ve just found a forum post saying to contact support for a trial. Trials should be available online, not have to be asked for!

Anyway, that’s not the point of this post - i’m replicating this morning’s church service that we currently run through Wirecast at great expense, and out of date as it needs Win10 and DirectX 11 to update, so i’ve got 6 Presets with my webcam in one and five videos in the others.

However once you add a video to a preset it starts playing automatically and I can’t find a way of getting it back to the start ready to play when I transition to the preset?

I’ve seen the Playlist controls, but if you pause and rewind to 0:00 the image stays at part way through the video then jumps back to 0:00 after you’ve transitioned to it and all in all it’s a faff.

Am I missing something? What is the expected way to start a video (with it’s correct first frame of video) at 0:00 when you transition to it?

Also it appears the video continues playing after you transition away to another preset - which made my CPU hit 100% and both Zoom and ManyCam went a bit haywire. How do you stop a video, or preferably have it stop when not live? Edit the preset, hit pause?

All in all, unless i’m missing something (and happy to be told so) it seems that basic video functionality is hidden away instead of being ‘just there’. Can you advise?

Thanks for your time.



Hey @howartp

Please try the Video Playlist controls:

Those controls are fine, but we are asking is there a way to make a video, once loaded into a preset, NOT auto play. Yes you can use the controls to rewind it, but the preview of the video sticks to what the last thing it shown before hitting stop or pause was, making for a sloppy transition.


HI MIkhail.

As Gavin says, it’s the auto-playback that’s the issue.

A video should be cueable and playable on-demand at the point it goes live, not messing about with rewinding/pausing/fighting to get a video to simply display to users.



Hey @howartp @Gavin_Stone

Makes sense, thank you. I’ve moved your post to Suggestions.

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