Victure PC530 IP Cam


Just wanted to post a few hints and tips for using the Victure PC530 here. The PC530 is a cheap (£20 in UK) wifi cam which has decent functionality for tilt and pan. It’s cheap so the lens quality isn’t amazing but it’s good enough for somethings.

To set it up to work as an IP cam though with ManyCam, there are a couple of things you need to do, and one I would recommend. Once you’ve set up the PC530 using the app as described in the user manual, if you want use it as an IP cam.

  1. Go to the settings for the PC530, Go to the “ONVIF” setting and slide that to on, then optionally change the ONVIF password, the default combination is admin/123456
  2. Jot down or memorise the ip address on that page, you need that in the next step
  3. In ManyCam, inside your preset, add a new layer , click the + sign, IP Cameras, add new. Give it a name, and in the URL field enter "rtsp:///cam/realmonitor?channel=2subtype=1
  4. Slide the “access required” option and put in either the default admin / 123456 combo or whatever you changed it to in step 1.

That worked for me…