Version 7.7 does not connect to most android phones that worked before

When I opened Manycam on my Windows 10 desktop it wanted to be upgraded from 7.6 to 7.7 so I let it install the upgrade. I then spent hours trying to troubleshoot why it would not connect to the phones that we had been using all to no avail. I found that I still had the previous version 7.6 install file and after uninstalling 7.7, and installing 7.6, I was able to connect to my phone. This was true for a MotoG Power and a Samsung S10.

Is there anyone at ManyCam able to address this, am I the only one having this problem? Still have to use 7.6.1 in order to connect to phones. Thank you.

Please try to relogin on both android and win device.
BTW, what is your manycam android version?

I did try several times to log everything out and deleted all of the mobile devices and was unsuccessful getting anything to connect other than a Samsung 8 that we were using.

The android version we are using is 2.03a.

Thank you