Using zoom for Live Feed without zooming the recorded videos too

Hello. When i use manycam to show my webcam live i usually set the zoom to + 200% ( so that things around my room are not visible), but then when i want to play a recorded video source, i would like the zoom to be zero again, so i have to decrease the zoom when i play a recorded video. Is it possible to have the zoom for the live video independent of the recorded video ? so that when i add a recorded video source, the zoom for this video to be zero, independent of the live video zoom setting of 200% ? Each time i play a recorded video, i have to manually decrease the zoom . Off course the same happens with the colour settings, maybe there is a way to use these zoom and color settings just for the live feed, independent from the recorded videos ?
PS: im using Manycam on MAC OS Mojave
Thank you.