Using PowerPoint without a license?

Our pastor develops his sermon slides using Powerpoint on his Windows computer. When we present his slides using ManyCam streamed to YouTube, it is done using a dedicated streaming computer in our sanctuary.

ManyCam documentation states that an active PowerPoint license is required for PowerPoint to be used as a ManyCam source. I would rather not spend the money on a license for a machine that only presents slides for 20 minutes on a Sunday morning.

Why is an active PowerPoint license required? Why can’t ManyCam simply act as a free viewer, similar to what Google Slides does with PowerPoint files? Or, why not have ManyCam use Google Slides files so that a license is not required? It is easy to convert PowerPoint to Google Slides.

You CAN use Google Slides. On your dedicated computer, install chrome and open Google Slides using your gmail address. Display Google Slides on an extended monitor. Use the manycam feature that allows you to display a defined area of your screen (in this case on the extended monitor). Voila! You can find tutorials on YouTube; particularly look for tutorials for VIPkids using manycam.