Using an android Tablet/Phone as Whiteboard layer?

Is there a way to use an android phone or tablet as a whiteboard layer for a Mac OSX ManyCam? I tried screencast/stream my phone with a number of HTTP streaming apps (android) by putting the local streaming address (https://192.168.1.XX:8080) in the “IP Camera” stream but that didn’t work. I’m suspecting the IP Camera option uses a different protocol? Not sure. Any ideas?

I also installed the ManyCam android app on my phone and tried to add a “Mobile Device” but the android app seem to only be able to stream the camera and not the screen :frowning:

Any ideas?

I’m not sure, being a PC user. But I suspect you may need to use a RTPS address.

I use an iMac and a MBP with Manycam. I am able to add a white board. I use a wired connection, Quick Time (which is on all Macs) to connect a phone/iPad to its own pre-set. In fact, I connect both my phone and iPad to its own pre-set in Manycam. The APP I use for a white board is called is “Stars 2 Apples”. It cost $10 to download (a one time fee).

Try to connect your android to manycam via QT and see if your camera shows up!

If you don’t know how to connect via QT, read here:
I connect both a iPad and an iPhone via Apple installed QuickTime. Open and unlock your phone/iPad. Connect devices to computer via USB’s. Bring QT to task bar. Open QT and Click on the black arrow below the QT icon on the task bar. Click New Movie recording. A screen pops up. Click red dot by the side of the camera. Under Camera: you should see both devices listed iPhone and IPad. Now open a pre-set in Manycam. Click on Plus sign. Under Camera: you should see FaceTime camera , iPhone, and iPad all available…voila!