Using 2nd device as video input

hello all,

I have Manycam Studio, so I installed Manycam on 2 devices.
I would like to use the output of Manycam on my laptop as input on the other computer, but can’t find a way to do this.
Is it possible at all?
If I would have to use RMTP streaming to accomplish this, how would I go about this?
Thanks in advance for suggestions.

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I just made a similar request, my idea was to make ManyCam act like an IP Camera server so that way any other ManyCam instance could see it, or other apps too for that matter. Either way, +1 on this feature request.

I stumbled on this by using NDI output of computer 1 (hit blue stream button and click NDI output). Then on computer 2 add NDI source, then click MANYCAM from computer 1. Works perfectly. Good luck

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