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Urgent Repair = Manycam & Bluestacks

Yes can you please fix this issue as soon as possible as im trying to stream with virtual manycam and loosing fans and supporters (i have a perfect setup with scenery of images in GIF format for car shows) I have setup the exact settings for a live chat app for 2 years but recently decided to use BLUESTACKS but here is the thing though while streaming is supposed to be full screen exactly as if we were streaming without BLUESTACKS from a PC but it’s NOT working this way there is black bar on top and black bar on bottom so unfortunately manycam alongside bluestacks has urgent issue and so many people here and on other platforms who are asking for help in fixing this urgent issue.

The vast majority today are using online social media apps with animations virtual affects virtual cartoons virtual cams. Please manycam can you in the love of your software users do something quick as everyone knows there’s always going to be competition and so far your ahead of competitors but if you cant fix what people are asking and you fall behind honestly that could lead you to loosing potential long time users and that has a ripple affect.

I know that your developer team has worked hard over the years because ive been using this software going way back like 10 years ago but please dont fall back because this is the worse time to do so because there are defiantly other software developers out there just waiting for the opportunity to pass you in this online race due to today’s higher demand in the technology World.

I have followed every tutorial on manycam website along with youtube tutorials and it still doesnt fix this issue. Unfortunately instead of people seeing the GIF images full screen they only see it half screen like 60%. I have tried to play a youtube video and a personal video at all different resolutions still no fix.

I have even spoke with Nvidia developers and sent them a screenshot of showing them the problem to see if there were any work around and they said it is an issue with manycam driver.

I really love this software as it has so many great features compared to OBS but please you really need to step it up a bit faster to fix these issues because everyone is today is online now and the streaming World on social media platforms is exploding today in massive numbers.

Or if you can’t fix the issue for Manycam to work properly with Bluestacks how about possibly adding a feature as a android emulator addon that way Manycam has the upper hand in today advanced virtual software.