Updated to latest Beta and now I cant capture win 10 cursor

I used to be able to use my own magnifier on 2nd display
called glassbrick customise using logitech soft to zoom in and out… however the way the display cursor works it
rids win 10 cursor and repaints its own cursor. when you
zoom in with other soft the cursor location is all wrong.
manycam expect you to use the soft zoomer they offer but
this is no good

now it used to work. it used to capture the win 10 cursor
as well and when zooming it was corrent location
previous beta it was there.
I could untick capture mouse in display settings and just capture the win 10
mouse cursor fine… now I cant. and if I zoom the fake manycam cursor which is not animated either
is totally wrong place. DAM IT

give a option to enable windows layered mouse cursor back please
some might like to disable cursor but most dont

my animated mouse flashes its highly visible
the manycam is non flashing and basic and crude

Hey @TheOutThere2016

Could you please perform a clean installation of ManyCam Beta? First uninstall, then install it back.
If the issue persists, please install the version from our download page: https://manycam.com/download/

I did all that already… I had to restore my older version
to get the windows cursor back… and I need it working
without issues as I use it for my YT channel and live shows
so Im not messing about more with it for now… as I got it working as good I can on this MSI laptop

the code has changed to remove cursor layer
but I need it … you need option like

(1) disable cursor

(2) enable cursor
(1) use manycam cursor

(3) enable cursor
(2) use windows cursor

option 3 for me.

restore using symmantec recovery

I just tried the latest Beta to see if you fixed the missing windows cursor now it wont start at all on MSI laptop with 2 gpus 2 displays…

beta ver What’s new?
New Feature Fix Enhancement
Version (Sept 14, 2021)
Added Guests feature - chat, make video calls and invite friends to your streams (beta)
Added hardware MJPEG decoder for web

Ok I install code seems faster on MSI however only option I got is to capture cursor which you replace windows mouse cursor
with own variant which is munted… it dont
work good for live shows… when I zoom
using optimouse and glass brick it used to show your cursor then properly the windows cursor. your fake cursor gets the position all wrong. and it dont animate like the default windows cursor mouse.

so the last working version I disable the show cursor and it still shows the windows cursor all fully working and being capture properly and when I zoom in you can see the large cursor…

here is the cursor working with mouse magnifier capturing the windows cursor perfectly… https://youtu.be/-swhy1Es_0w?t=2214

keep watching as I zoom in and out.

I dont not need to hide cursor or need the turn
on show cursor fake cursor.

but seems again I have to roll back the software I just install from backup again

now why cant you have it like i asked

(1) Enable mouse cursor
(x) windows own cursor
(_) Manycam replacement cursor

simple… best of both worlds then.
I dont know how you hide the cursor that
windows adds but you need it back
for me to keep updating!!

also I noticed its slower playing videos.webm in a layer now… cpu peaks to 100 percent
not sure if latest builds fix this but I cant test
without win 10 mouse cursor (animation)
capture back…

is that clear now… fresh install seems not
to solve.