Updated mobile app doesn't connect to PC ManyCam software

Hello, I just noticed the ManyCam mobile update and it get me so excited about the NDI capabilities and so. But unfortunately can’t connect the mobile app to the PC ManyCam software anymore. I’m been using this feature since the pandemic started with total success, so I’m not a newbie about the ManyCam capabilities.

When I select mobile as a source on a ManyCam preset in my PC, the notification in my cell phone appears and sound accordingly. But when I hit accept, the mobile app tries to connect for about 30 secs and a notification pops up saying that there was a failure in the connection.

I already try the following:

  1. Uninstall/install ManyCam on both PC and Cell phone

  2. Reset ManyCam settings on PC

  3. Try another cell phone

  4. Change Wi-Fi network

Thank you for all your efforts to make of this software the most versatile for live streaming.

John Otalvaro

Hey @frejosan

We’ve released a fix for this, please reinstall the mobile app and try again.

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