Update 2.0.0j - it is not working

it is not working with PC, how to reinsert it to the previous version that was working?

Hey @Christian

Could you please provide more details about the problem and some screenshots?

I updated the version of manycam on the PC and the Mobile app. The same problem continues, the app disconnects after 2 min.
I’m using manycam on the iMac and it’s stable. But the main computer I use is a PC.
I already sent screenshots and logs from manycam.

The latest Android version (2.0.3a (11006)) disconnects for me as well very frequently and randomly, unfortunately. The wifi access point is now almost next to the phone, and we have a 100Mbps/100Mbps symmetric fiber access. We’ve been using the previous Android version for months, and rarely or never had the disconnect issue. @Mikhail, can you pls help? Is it possible to roll back to the previous version? Any other idea to debug the issue? I sent an e-mail also to your support with detailed explanation, config info and screenshots. I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks

Please, I still have the same problem, I already sent logs and screenshots of what is happening.
I updated the Manycam PC version to and on the 2.0.3a (11006) phone, after two minutes it disconnects. Please I need help.

Hey @Protasio @Balazs_G @Christian

We’ve made some changes on our end. Could you please check if the issue remains?