Unique display settings of my camera

I want every virtual camera to have independent settings. For example. Camera №1 was with a running text line. Camera number 2 was without a running line, for example with a countdown timer or other effect.
It is very convenient when you broadcast on 2-3 sites and on each site the unique display settings of my camera.


Hey @chapaev,

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For your question, do you mean something like this:

  • Virtual camera #1 (Using a specific scene with effects) -> Streaming to Skype.
  • Virtual camera #2 (Using a specific scene with countdown timers) -> Streaming to Webex teams

This way you would be able to have various scenes for different platforms streaming simultaneously?

Hi Christopher
For example:
Camera №1 broadcasts on YouTube, unique settings of scenes, special effects, text and more.
Camera number 2 transmits to Twitch, another text, other effects, in one word, a completely different unique design of the stream. I think you understood me correctly.

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Got it, this is a good idea and I’ll look at how we can integrate this type of feature moving forward.

We have some major features in development right now so I can’t say when, but I’ll definitely make sure to look into this as we’ve received a couple other requests for it.

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Ok. That will be fine.


Hi, when to wait for an update with my offer? Unless of course you are interested.

It would be great to show 2 different images on different or same app at the same time.

Show diffrent video on 2 or more app

i like this.