Unable to upload a 10 second video to twitter file is .mp4


I am unable to post a 10 second video on twitter. I am getting some message with upload captioin file (.srt) now when I record a video using another program like bandicam the video gets processed.

Some feature in manycam like subtitles or something enabled. I have tried searching online looking everywhere can’t fix this. Attached is the error I am getting when trying to upload the video to twitter.

I want to make clear the file is an .mp4 which twitter take videos in .mp4 and .mov this upload caption file (.srt) never seen this before only happening when I record in manycam all other software using to record works only manycam giving this error.

@Steve1 Try to transcode to constant frame rate format supported by twitter (not sure what they need) with any free software, e.g. https://handbrake.fr/