Unable to share desktop been over 1 year now and still not fixed

Hi Manycam,

I am still unable to share my screen and make videos. The screen when I share is black. I have opened a ticket a year ago about this and you guys claimed you were going to fix this issue but it has still not been fixed.

I bought the lifetime premium license and I have yet to be able to use manycam. I have 10 monitors use for trading but can’t share any of my screens. Please Help its been over a year now and still has not been fixed. Please help thank you. Love manycam and want to use it but just can’t get this working sharing my screen.

This was a post I made last year Sept its been a year now. I would really appreciate it if someone looks at this and fixes this and I am sure many others having some issue’s that have mutiple monitors. ManyCam Not able to share desktop monitor shows me on camera but not my desktop

Hey @Steve1,
Please try out beta: https://manycam.com/beta/