Unable to "continue with google" to login

When I try and login to get my mobile device to function on my account I get an error saying “Web browser not found”
This happens on my mobile (Samsung s10 5G) and my tablet (Samsung S6 lite).
Would be nice to actually use the mobile app with the desktop counterpart.
I have both Samsung’s own browser and chrome installed, but still nothing.

I did notice that if I try and select help in settings I get the same error, but if I try the privacy notice it loads in a browser fine.

Hey @dreamer_uk|

What is the default browser on both devices? When did the issue first occur?

The default browser is the samsung internet. But I have tried as chrome as well.
And I have never been able to login on these devices (so not on the current version as I only became a subscriber recently)

Hey @dreamer_uk

The issue has been resolved, please reinstall the app from scratch.