Unable to click anything

ManyCam has become unusable. I get one of two things when I open it. Either I get a “sizing” cursor (the kind with an arrow on each end) and everything I try to do just resizes the window, OR I get a cursor that does nothing. The only thing clickable in ManyCam is the Save/Open project option. To close it I either have to use Task Manager or the Close Window option from the Windows taskbar.

I have a lifetime studio subscription. I have tried both the stable and beta releases with fresh installs of both. I’m using Windows 10 with an Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics card. I have killed off every other app on my computer that might be also trying to use a camera. The driver shows in Device Manager as working correct.

I’ve sent in a support request, but I’m hoping someone here might be quicker. I actually need to use this today and if I can’t make it work, I’ll have to switch to some other product at the last minute.

@skmiller If you have 2 displays, please try to change the main to another and restart manycam (Ctrl+Q to close).