Transparent Video overlays

I know I can put a picture in picture and even have the second picture completely fill the screen. Is there a way to make the front video transparent so you can see the second video behind it as well? I want to do an overlay of my talent close up over a long shot.

I also would like to do this. Did you find a way to do this with manycam?

Hey @Martin_Life-Model @Markarkark

There’s currently no such feature in ManyCam. I’ve moved your post to Suggestions.

Thank you. Here some details on the use case: I want to display a skeleton image in a front image layer and pose myself in a camera back layer. The front image is a transparent-edge png however I want it to be a transparent overlay, perhaps 50% transparent or so for every pixel, so there are facial and skin features and the skeleton all blended together. Thank you for considering this feature. I suspect it is of general utility as it would also enable interesting ‘ghostly’ effects.

Seems like you should be able to do this with a PNG image. I’ve also had some success using an image or application with a green background and using Chroma to drop the background.