Transitions doesn't works with HW acceleration

Transitions between clips doesn’t work when MC uses HW acceleration. All transitions have a “black no signal” cut. Only works when disables HW acceleration (doesn’t work with any option of HW acceleration including the new Direct X of the 7.1 Beta).

And also, when I try to download the latest 7.1 Beta, navigator warms me about insecure page.

Hey @Ruben_Perez,

Please try again on a new beta

We’ve fixed quite a few things since then. Let me know if the issues are still there.

Tested, same as before, transitions between videos with DirectX hardware acceleration still not working. Always do a “no signal” transition.

Can you post a few screenshots to illustrate what’s going on?

I have recorded a little video showing this, with crossfade using software and hardware acceleration enabled.
How can I post it?