Transform our smartphones into a perfect mobile production station

I hear a lot say that the mobile version must be less powerful than the pc version and that the ios version is important but allow me to contradict you by offering you some features that would make your application incredible for the youtuber that I am on android:

1 / be able to choose media from the cloud such as drive or dropbox because today we all work in the cloud.
2 / be able to choose the front camera for a source then the rear camera for another source (like the doubletake feature of filmicpro)
3 / be able to put the recording of the smartphone screen as the source.
4 / be able to choose the audio sources and even modify them with a few voice filters like the filter of instagram but for the audio
5 / be able to put our AF transitions, graphic overlay and music
6 / move around in a medium, for example replay it from wherever you want.
7 / use the camera of another phone beug still a lot if it is not in the area or it picks up badly
8 / very VERY Important: be able to change the video sources from a watch connected to wear os for example. Because when we use a smartphone as a video control, we use the smartphone to film ourselves and we are in front of the camera so we cannot change the sources during filming, nor check if you are in the field of the camera, so a connected watch application would be perfect (not gadget).
9 / inlays on a green background and / or even better by artificial intelligence such as tiktok or other.
10 / be able to make a predefined camera source movement such as a zoom or a jumpcut in the same source

If one day these features see the light of day I will be the first to pay.
These initiatives it would be possible to get rid of a large part of the video editing so I would be ready to pay dearly, so I hope you take my requests into account.