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Three Logitech C920's only two operate

Hi Team

An issue we’ve run into with three recently installed Logitech C920 Webcams with all drivers updated. Within Manycam, ANY two of the webcams can run together, side by side or separately in each preset… however, manycam will not recognize or pick up the third installed camera i.e camera’s A + B operating but C not operating. Disconnect any A or B, and Manycam will pickup camera C. In any solution, only Two of the cameras will work at any time.

Any advise?

Tested using the logitech and Win 10 generic drivers. Same result.
I can connect my cellphone camera and still operate two C920’s, so its not an issue with too many cameras

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I have the same issue when trying to connect more than two ElGato Cam Link 4.0. Same A+B+C scenario.

I had same issue :disappointed::disappointed:

I resolve it with another free software , i recommend you to try

We recently upgraded the studio subscription last night. A little part of me was hoping maybe Multiple Web cameras (more than Two) is only supported when upgrading. This is not the case. Same issue.

This might be a Logitech driver issue. Can you get 3 logitech cameras working with any other application like maybe OBS? Maybe not though if SplitCam can see them all.


Unfamiliar with OBS, however after installation and trialing. That too is unable to operate x3 C920s. I’m deciding whether to purchase a different webcam (other than Logitech) maybe the solution. But of course all this comes at costs.

I noticed that some apps don’t let me use the microphone on the C920. The device is an older device so it may be that Logitech never updated the driver for it. I have no way to test since I only have one of them and no need for more. I bought mine in January 2019.



This may be a limitation of USB bandwidth. Try faster USB ports (3.0), use different ports and avoid using USB hubs.

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Mismo problema con tres cámaras Genius A+B no funciona C