Testing - Is there a way to test what you see before going live?

I am new to ManyCam and was watching a Youtube video. One of the things that he suggested was to run a test before going live. The only thing about the video was that He did not go into detail about how to test.

Is there a way to test before actually going live?

I have gone live before and found out the no one could hear me and that the video was very choppy.

Perhaps (for Facebook) you can hit the little pencil :pencil2: (next to the toggle switch in the streaming box) and change the settings to “Share on your timeline” then in the next box set the Privacy to “Only Me”, that way it will stream to your timeline but only you will be able to see it.
Same with YouTube. You can set the privacy to Private or Unlisted.


Thanks for the help it worked. I was just wa=ondering if there was something like in OBS studio.

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