Temporary workaround for WebEx and Zoom

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to make a post to keep everyone updated on the current situation regarding Library Validation with WebEx and Zoom which is restricting the use of Virtual Webcams and some hardware capture devices in applications that do not have the “Disable Library Validation” entitlement.

We’re currently in communication with teams at both companies and everyone is looking for a solution to help get Virtual Webcams back up and running, but at the moment I have no updates from any of the above companies or Apple themselves.

In the meantime, WebEx is recommending that users join their conferences using the “Join from browser” feature when they would like to use Virtual Webcams in a video conference. To use Virtual Webcams in your browser you muse use Google Chrome or Firefox

We will continue to follow up with how this situation is progressing and we hope that soon it will be resolved.

In the short term, we’re also looking at internal workarounds that would allow you to use the basic features of ManyCam and I will try and keep everyone posted if we receive any more information and what the next steps might be.

I cannot switch the camera from the physical one to many cam in Webex web interface… so this seems to be useless… please get back with your comments

If you use Chrome, open chrome://settings/content/camera and switch the camera.

Any update on this yet? As this was started in May and it is now August, no update?

Hey @timdaugherty

Zoom resolved this issue in 5.0.4 for MacOS, WebEx is still working on this internally and I unfortunately do not have an update for you.

I will check in with them ASAP to verify if they have made any progress.

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Thank you! Yes, watching for the Webex update.