Syphon or virtual webcam for DSLR/Mirrorless?

Curious if Manycam can take in Syphon video? I’m using to connect with my Canon SL2, it works great on OBS for example with the Syphon feature, as well as Ecamm Live. I love Manycam and we use it for live-streaming, and would love to use my SL2 on USB with it.

Thanks, Ben


would love to use my SL2 with it.

This is a vital functionality for many setups. It should be included ASAP

I use my canon Eos 70D like this. Install the free app Camtwist. It handles syphon and you can use Camera Live and Camtwist together and then use Camtwist as a camera in ManyCam. Ofc it would be easier if we could do that without Camtwist I agree, but it works!

I’ve used Camtwist with it as well… but it’s cumbersome being 2 extra layers of software… Camera Live > Camtwist > Manycam > Browser virtual webcam!

Ecamm Live is just… Ecamm live then virtual webcam. Amazingly simple. But their monthly plan is too high in my opinion, plus I like Manycam better anyways. Would be amazing to have Manycam support this feature.

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Hi Montis, I use exactly the same setup as you (Canon camera + CamTwist + ManyCam). However, I didn’t see CamTwist in ManyCam app. Do you have any idea how to fix it? Could you please let me know where the CamTwist is shown at your ManyCam app?Thank you in advance.

Exactly the same for me. It seems my manycam does not accept virtual webcam input - neither from Camtwist, nor from NDI Tools virtual webcam. Why?

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I purchased the lifetime studio edition, willing to pay to not have to fiddle with OBS. BUT I now need to either purchase an external USB webcam or switch back to OBS due to not having a siphon client to use my Canon EOS 1100D.
Please add siphon client support, otherwise I need to make a choice, more money or refund and back to OBS.

Hey @Oliver

NDI input will be available soon. Support NDI Input (and output, why not?)

For what it’s worth, Canon has released their EOS webcam utility, now available on Mac. I’ve tried it out, works well with Chrome, haven’t tried Firefox. However, it doesn’t show up in Manycam as a source… would be AMAZING to see a Canon camera as a source via their virtual webcam driver, or some other kind of driver. The quality of DSLR or mirrorless as a webcam is killer.


Hello Oliver, I’m new, it’s that problem already fixed?
Tks Bro!

Hello, does ManyCam recognize your canon if using a video capture as CamLink?

Good question, I have not used an Elgato CamLink with ManyCam before. Sorry, I don’t have an answer.