Sync Solution using Manycam8 lite and I.P Cameras

First, here’s a brief summary which led me to this solution…

I’m a Version 7 lifetime purchaser… (Yeah, I know - I feel the same way) I used Many Cam Version 7 with I.P cameras, running 720 @ 30 FPS… I was able to sync sound and video with the tools included in Version 7 and I never had a problem… But then, I upgraded my system and started running 1080P, and that’s when my problems started… All my videos were Choppy. It didn’t matter if it was 30 FPS or 60 FPS, it looked terrible… At this point in time, Many Cam was under New Owners, and they were no longer supporting Version 7 and they were not honoring the agreement with Lifetime purchasers for free updates… Of course, I refused to purchase the Full Version 8, so I decided to try Version 8 Lite and the I.P cameras worked great at 30 or 60 FPS, but then, I had a sync problem, because Many Cam 8 Lite doesn’t have the sound and video sync tools included… (How frustrating!!!) But after doing a lot of research, and going through a lot of Trial and Error, I found a solution with a program called Voicemeeter.

Voicemeeter is a Virtual Audio Mixer. You can download it from their website… VB-Audio VoiceMeeter – After installing it, you will also need to install what’s called VB-CABLE at VB-Audio Virtual Apps (When installing VB-CABLE, you’ll need to install it as an Administrator) Also, Make sure you watch their install videos :slight_smile:

After watching their Install Videos, install both Voicemeeter and VB-CABLE… After installing, Launch Voicemeeter and under HARDWARE INPUT choose WDM: “Your Microphone” and under HARDWARE OUT choose MME: “CABLE Input VB-Audio Virtual C” … Now, go to Many Cam, and under Microphone, choose CABLE Input VB-Audio Virtual Cable… (Make sure Voicemeeter is running when you’re using Many Cam) Also, after installing these programs, you’ll need to go to your Windows Sound at reset your default Microphone and output devices back to how you had them… These programs will make ‘it’ your Defaults and you don’t need that :slight_smile: Last, you will need to set your sync. Go to Voicemeeter and choose MENU and then System Settings/Options and you’ll see Monitoring Synchro Delay and set OUT A1 to whatever millisecond you need… That’s it… I hope you find this information useful… My system works perfect :slight_smile: