Support NDI Input (and output, why not?)

Ever thought about making Manycam support NDI input? and maybe I could also broadcast on NDI.



Hey @ArielRi,

That’s a great suggestion, thank you for posting it. We’ll consider adding it on the list if more people vote for it.


I would love this it would allow me to send slide presentations and content from a second laptop during presentations. You can do it now by loading the NDL virtual camera into webcam and the route the NDI source thoough it to Manycam. But built in support would be great. I’ve using NDI to pre-roll videos though VLC for output to Google Meet and Zoom.


that’s another thing that should be standard.

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I use NDI for skype.
In most time manycam dont read data from NDI (Audio and video) and NDI as a layer is black.
What i have to do?

whats is wrong?

How is your setup? What is your source? ManyCam does not suppor NDI…

I think NDI has confilict with AVG or Windows defender

NDI Tools - 4.5 just came out with the following fix. It might help with a AVE or Defender issues. I’ve used ESET with out issues.

---- NDI 4.5 Update posted on the newtek forums 03-25-2020 —

  • NDI now uses predictable port numbers in all cases so that fire-wall rules can be properly built.
  • Each connection uses TCP ports 5960 and up.
  • Each mTCP or UDP receiver use port 6960 and up.
  • Each mTCP or UDP sender use port 7960 and up.

I find the order of start-up is important.

  1. Run NewTek NDI Tools - NDI Virtual Import, (Virtual camera from NDI source.)

  2. Run the NDI Source VLC with NDL Tools Plugin, NDI Scan Convert, OBS with NDI plugin etc…

  3. Choose your desired input device in NDI Virtual Input toolbar icon.

  4. Run ManyCam and choose choose the NewTek NDI video as the source.

I would be nice to have NDI support natively.

I would love to see ManyCam support NDI as well.

I work at Microsoft, and am a ManyCam fan. I’d like to recommend ManyCam to customers producing online events with our live events capabilities. Lack of NDI support is a blocker.

For people ON this thread, you can jury-rig ManyCam to support ONE NDI input. Download NDI Tools from Use NDI Virtual Input to select an available NDI feed. Then, in ManyCam, select NDI as a “webcam”.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the same as native NDI support in ManyCam, so you can’t have more than one, as far as I can tell.


Hey @danholme

NDI support is now on the roadmap, we’re working directly with them on integration and we’re going implement support in phases, the first phase being adding NDI as an input, and then ManyCam as an NDI output.

I will keep everyone posted on this when it’s coming closer to launch.


Great news @Chris_MC!!! Thank you!

Hi Better hurry up with that NDI input. I am on the verge of ditching ManyCam despite its ease of use for one of the many rivals that support NDI. And with the Covid-19 lockdown on, now is the time to grow the audience for livestreaming!


Do you have a rough timeframe?

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Hey @Stephen_King

Work is starting shortly, we’re just finishing up some high priority tasks and in-development features and then this will be the next high priority task.

@ieo will also follow along with this task and we will try to get something up and running short term.

Just to add, NDI Input as a source would be a huge addition that would make ManyCam very attractive to my company. We are looking for more user-friendly options to enable our employees to stream using Microsoft 365 Live Events and ManyCam+NDI would unlock a lot of ability for us to do completely remote events. I’m excited to see any updates to when this may come.

Any update on when an awesome feature like NDI source support might come to ManyCam?

Here the begining:

Just downloaded and tried it. That looks very promising! This could really open up new setups and workflows. To my understanding what can be expected in the final version. It seems like in this beta the resolution is still limited and that NDI audio is not supported yet. Right? Or do I miss something? Will higher resolutions and audio be supported in the final version?

Hey @JoostH

Just wanted to give a little update here. We had a little bug with video quality when using NDI and we pushed out an update to the Windows Beta with this change.

As for Audio, it seems that we’ve supported it since initial release (Just tested using NDI Test Patterns and audio comes through)

The next steps on our end are porting over changes to MacOS and then adding NDI OUT so we can have the entire NDI workflow implemented.

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Hi Cristopher,

Thanks. Video seems to be OK now. Wrt audio: I had overlooked the presence of audio as ‘preset audio’. (I expected in under Audio Inputs). Indeed that makes the audio available of NDI source that is active in the preset. But do I understand correctly that this implementation means we that in a preset, we have ONLY access to audio of the active NDI source? So switching video also implies switching audio? Can we make mix of the available NDI audio sources, like we can for the Audio Inputs? For instance for a talkshow with two hosts? Do I miss something here?