Support for epoccam, camo


I use manycam with Zoom and it can see my normal webcams

But I cannot see Epocam, Camo or canon webcam utility

this is disappointing as my canon EOS and iPhone are much better quality than my Logitech 920

Im Zoom I can see the above cameras

is there something have not sep up correctly

or a solution to make them work

Im using Mac 10.15

Thank you in advance.


Hey @Davidmcguckin

ManyCam is a webcam software and unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that it will work with PCI or USB capture devices, TV tuners or standalone camera devices (DSLR, GoPro or similar). ManyCam works with media sources such as USB webcams, media files, IP cameras, etc.

I’ve moved your post to Suggestions.

We are all getting really tired of this excuse. The DSLR cameras like Sony and Canon have created apps that TURN THE CAMERA INTO A WEBCAM.

Is there a reason that ManyCam is the only site NOT compatible with virtual camera apps? Did you read the list of apps that work with the Cannon EOS web camera app???

The app TURNS THE DSLR camera into a webcam which is why it works with Zoom, Cisco Webex, FB Messenger, Streamlabs, Discord, MS Teams, YouTube Live, FB Live, OBS, Skype, Google Hangouts, Slack . . . literally everyone but Manycam!!

PLEASE update ManyCam so it will recognize virtual cameras! This is the wave of the future and this will leave ManyCam in the dust if they can’t get on board. People want to broadcast and record with high quality cameras.

Look at the list of apps that work with the Cannon. See anyone missing???