Subscription issue

It has me frustrated…
now my main out pc has the manycam watermark. am i only allowed 1 pc with my current sub?
Kinda Frustrating!
been crashing alot…
A few other things id like to see added!

cant save my overlay. (for a manycam reinstall)
lock dont truly work. if u right click u can change properties…
copy and paste layers.
group layers together.
make layers bigger then the canvas.
edit the size of effects.
resize all the layers at once.
EASY way to turn virtual cam off and on!

ManyCam Premium Annual

Expires on 05.08.2021

I bought studio subscription in Sept. and suddenly can’t get full access either. This happened to me in November they got it reset and now again yesterday.

Hey @SwiftyMcVee and @scochran5 ,

Your subscriptions are active and are linked with your Google accounts. Please use social login to access it within the app.