Studio Lifetime v Premium Lifetime

I’ve looked on the Manycam site and there doesn’t seem to be anyplace that compares the different versions of ManyCam. I’d like to know what the differences are between Studio Lifetime and Premium Lifetime manycam. Does anyone know?

The Premium Lifetime has priority technical support, and also features the capability of creating, configuring and saving 24 video sources. That is twice as many as the Studio Lifetime version. Also don’t forget that Premium Lifetime also gives you 3 subscriptions for 3 devices (unlocked for full capability). The Studio only gives you two. I use Manycam on two computers at the same time. I took the additional offer for a Premium Lifetime for $20. I am excited cause now when I use my tablet I don’t have to worry of having one subscription deactivated cause I temporarily switched to a third device. Thanks Manycam for such a deal.

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Have you used Priority support yet??? if so How does it work??

Hi, seen your concern about priority, is via email too and you send them your ID and they usually gives the first reply in the same day, sometimes early the next one. I’m happy with their support, always have helped me with my issues.

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Works great. The team definitely gets back quickly.