Stretch a PNG/JPG image to fill a background layer / disable playlist transition

My environment:

• ManyCam for Windows Studio lifetime license
• Microsoft LifeCam Cinema webcam
• Microsoft Windows 10 Version 1903 (Build 18362.720)
• Green screen background (muslin)

I have created a preset with a JPG/PNG image background and a second PIP layer for a “floating head” of myself via a green screen.

If I add the image as a custom background in the PIP green screen via the webcam, the image will expand to fit the entire background.

However, if I add the image to a layer background, the image does not stretch to fit the entire background. See the 2 attached screen shots as examples.

Is there a way to get a image to stretch in a background layer?

Also, is there a way to disable the playlist transition between multiple images in the playlist? I want to manually click on the next image to display.

I can set an artificially high duration (like 3600 seconds for one hour), but it would be more straightforward to just disable transitions.

Thank you,

Sailor Guy

I’m having a similar issue, where if the image is not exactly the size of the display window, I get black bars on the left and right or top and bottom when I try to manually stretch the image to fit.

Another use case for being able to stretch an image beyond the borders of the display window is if I have a high-resolution image and I only want to use part of it for my virtual background. In Sailor Guy’s example above, maybe he wants to use the map graphic, but zoomed into the Tortola island (the big one in the middle) as much as possible because that’s what he’s talking about. Right now, I can’t figure out how to do that from within ManyCam.

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Hey @SailorGuy

What are the image resolutions in each case?

As for the Playlist, there’s one workaround. Try using the loop setting so it won’t jump to the next item:

Same problem.

Also with videos

@SailorGuy @niftyken @Raul_Andres_del_Cant

Please try out new “Fill” option (and maybe other):


Available since 7.7