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Stopping Recording When Closing manycam

Please program manycam to check if a local recording is in progress before it closes. If you accidentally close manycam before stopping the recording, the recording is corrupted. This recording could be a live event that gets lost, or a lengthy recording that cannot be done again.
This would be a great help for those of us who multitask or use assistants during our sessions.


We lost a four-hour recording today as the recording was not stopped before the interface was closed. I have another recording software monitoring my PTZ security cameras and that actually stops you if a recording is in progress.
Can you please include this feature in one of your updates.


In the mean time I recommend to switch recording from MP4 to some other format (Settings → Recordings → Recording format) as MP4 file is corrupted when not finished (other formats are more robust).

You may also try to repair MP4 (google how), but it rarely works.