Split screen a skype call not possible with ManyCam?

Ive searched everywhere but find no solution…
I’ve been using a third party software call Ecamm call recorder with skype… it has the ability to split screen and record skype calls. however if two people want to talk about a video, naturally it shows my half via ManyCam… I want to split the screen in Manycam, switch to a video and talk about it and switch back to the split screen… seems like a popular thing to do but not possible in manycam… i’ve tried bringing the skype feed into manycam splitting not possible as its just a resizable window over top my feed…

Any suggestions?

Sorry, I haven’t figure out how to make it. But as I recall, Joyoshare Screen Recorder could use the scissor-like button to split video calls. Maybe you could check its free version first if necessary.

Hey @Fed

Try adding PiP, and add participants into separate layers via NDI Input.