Sound effects and filter

I want to add sounds effects in manycam. You can add effects to camera, but it will be fun to add filters and effect to sounds too.

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Hey @Kjellerboden,

This seems like a great idea. Can you tell a bit more about how you think this should work?

I think like a voicemod, where you can change you voice with pitch effect, deep voice, high voice, robotic voice, etc.
Now I use a voice mod software to change my voice and use that virtual microphone in Manycam.
But I want to do that directley in Manycam.
Another addon is to add sounds effects like fart sounds, dogs, cats, birds, etc.

Hi @Kjellerboden,

On the audio tab find your mic, expand it and there you will be able to add a sound effect (Bird in my case):


Full list of audio effects:

Thank you. I did’nt notis that.
Can you add audio effects?

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You can add any background sounds into audio playlist. Custom audio effects are not supported.