[SOLVED] Video accelerates momentarily changing presets

We use manycam premium annual.
Week have 5 IP cameras connected
Streaming at 1080 P, 15 frames per second.
on a fast PC I7 processor, 32 GB of RAM

When we change presets, we experience a somewhat less than one second acceleration of the video content. i.e if you get on camera and flap your arms slowly like a bird, and then changed to another preset, for a moment the flapping speeds up and then gets back to normal.

The phenomenon is in the live stream as well as the recording.
We’ve experimented with single double and triple buffer settings, to try and lesson or eliminate it but have had no success.
Does anyone else see this and have you solved it?

Please indicate if you see it too in your experience, even if you haven’t solved it!

Hey @Mark_Firehammer

Could you please install the latest beta and post a video of the issue if it still persists?

I thought I would update in case anybody’s interested. We have stopped using IPCam Pro on our seven Apple device cameras, and instead switched to Manycam mobile app.
This has eliminated the delay and flutter that we couldn’t solve using IP cams.
Another benefit of this change for usis that if the power goes out we no longer have to, gather all the new IP addreesses. The manycam mobile app simply comes back online and resets itself within the presets.