[SOLVED] Unable to switch presets

Unable to switch presets in the visual hot bar.
Transition and Cut won’t switch to that preset.
In the preset lists there is preview edit, with transition button there, which works.
Yet none of the cut and transition buttons at the bottom left will not work, it just displays that thumbnail when clicking the cut and transition buttons.
Clicking anywhere on the visual hot button bars will not work.


After stripping off the drivers for the tablet, I’m able to click the presets.
Prolly no other solution than choosing Manycam or the tablet…

Hey @jcw

Welcome to the community. What devices are you using? Can you list them all? What OS version/build is used?

Try updating ManyCam from our official website. Then assign blank images as video sources in all presets and try switching again. Also, try switching using the hotkeys.

the device I was feeling is the issue was the old drivers of this, xp-pen’s Artist Display 22 Pro.

was given another xp-pen device to try, the Deco Pro. with xp-pen’s current driver from this month, September.

As of now I’m unable to re-create the unclick-able preset hotkeys.

Manycam was installed off the website last month, along with a fresh install of windows 10 and is completely updated with their patch releases.

I’ll be trying the Artist Display 22 Pro, again over the weekend. If anything happens, will try the key-board short cut for presets, after another Manycam fresh installation from the website and will report back if i can get anything to fail.


After trying the machine today, Manycam icon preset’s are being unclickable.

Presets list unclickable, but the icons work. (edit source, rename, delete)

Can still transition by clicking the icon for edit source works, and clicking TRANS on the edit source.

Keyboard Hotkeys for presets, works.

Using the xp-pen devices to click on manycam presets, they work. Using mouse on presets are unclickable.

All this still happens after installing a fresh manycam installation.

Uninstalled xp-pen deco pro drivers, rebooted, manycam back to working ok.