[SOLVED] Skype as an input using NDI doesn't work for me

I’m using ManyCam since March 2020 for our streaming. It has been a great tool. Thanks.

Now, I was patiently waiting for the NDI input support until the update. Now I’m trying to use the NDI feature with no success. I already follow the steps indicated in the knowledge Base (https://help.manycam.com/knowledge-base/ndi-inputs/) with no results.

I tryed to stablish the NDI connection as follows:

  1. With ManyCam complete closed, I start Skype, activate the NDI function and make the call. Then I open ManyCam, select NDI as an input, select any of the three options that appear from Skype. What I got is nothing but 5 dots showing that ManyCam is trying to make the connection.

  2. With ManyCam opened before starting skype and activate the NDI and make the call. Nothing, just the 5 dots.

Can you please offer some advice?

You must use Skype desktop, NOT Skype App in your PC to get the NDI working with ManyCam.

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