[SOLVED] Share ManyCam Stream with VLC

We use ManyCam to record and/or stream our church services. The computer is linked to 2 TV monitors via HDMI and we would like to broadcast what ManyCam sees full screen to those monitors so viewers don’t see the ManyCam controls. The only way I can think to do this now is the share the ManyCam signal with a video streaming app like VLC over the “network” (which would be on the same computer).

Are there any suggestions on how to share/stream the ManyCam signal to another platform such as VLC that will display only the video feed and no application controls? Thanks!

Hey @ampicken

Try this solution instead: https://help.manycam.com/knowledge-base/manycam-fullscreen-mode/

However, if you want to try another option, go with NDI output: https://help.manycam.com/knowledge-base/ndi/#ndi-output

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I can’t believe it was that easy! :woozy_face: :woman_facepalming: Thank you so much! The full-screen mode window will do the trick!

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