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[SOLVED] Mobile Devices won't connect to manycam on my desktop

I gave my two mobile devices and my iPad access when the request is sent from my desktop computer, but I keep getting “Connection Failed…Access Denied”

@Obbiewill Please try to relogin

I’m having the same issue on the non-beta version update that just came out. Completely uninstalling/clean reinstallation hasn’t helped. The issue was there before updating the software. Logging out and back in, as well as the reinstallation process is a fool’s errand.

Tried all that… reinstall manycam…remove soft off both Mobil devices…tried it on a PC we use every Sunday…it has the same issue as my personal PC

@HCEC @Obbiewill It should be fixed now.

It seems to be.
I’m still curious how this happened.