[SOLVED] ManyCam could not play MP3 / Codec Issue

Hello Everyone,

I’m on a current & fresh Windows 10 / ManyCam install. K-Lite Codec pack installed.

I have an MP3 purchased from Amazon (DRM free) that plays just fine in Windows Media player.

When I attempt to add it to my playlist in ManyCam I get a message “ManyCam could not play file. The codec required to play this file is not installed on your computer.”

I can’t find any topics in the Forum that address this, I would greatly appreciate any help!

Hello Everyone,

Update & Fix

After posting my Audio Codec issue Windows installed “Feature update to Windows 10, version 20H2” and I got the message “Communication with the driver failed”. I no longer had access to my ManyCam Virtual video driver in WebEx. The ManyCam documentation suggested that when this occurs to do an uninstall / reinstall of ManyCam.

After doing the uninstall / install both my ManyCam Virtual Cam Driver and Audio issues were fixed. I now have video and audio.

Moral of the story, a fresh install doesn’t mean you don’t have to uninstall & reinstall when issues pop-up.

Happy Holidays.