[SOLVED] Macbook overheats if ManyCam not closed

My Macbook is connected to power most of time and when no apps are using Manycam as video camera, my Macbook gets very warm to hot because ManyCam is connected to a video camera but is not used by any of apps. Can you add option like if number of apps using ManyCam camera is zero, turn off camera? (My camera always show white light even no apps are using it except Manycam itself).

Maybe a green power project of turning off camera is good for your company image rather than waste enegry doing nothing? You may ask: Why dont I manually quit ManyCam after I am done with webcam? The answer is, I did many times my audience sees a reversed logo “Please start Manycam” when I forgot to start it and I get embrassed.

Please have Manycam turn off the camera if no apps are using manycam webcam!

Hi Norman, great to see you here! I am hoping ManyCam fixes this issue too, it’s annoying.

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Uncheck both settings:

  • Keep my video sources connected when ManyCam is hidden
  • Switch to Overlay Mode when ManyCam is hidden

We will not need to quit the app when done with camera and the camera light goes off if no apps are using it.

I think the developer overlooked this non-functioning keep video source when overlay mode is checked.