[SOLVED] iPad timeout when connecting to MacBook Pro Manycam

I am connecting my iPad to my MacBook Pro via USB-C high speed cable. I have ManyCam Studio Lifetime version When I try to add the iPad as a video source (virtual camera), it fails with a message “Timeout.” Repeated efforts to connect fail. Ideas and recommendations?

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Hey @Mario_Reyna

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Enable push notifications on the mobile devices via reinstalling ManyCam and then allowing access for ManyCam.
  2. Allow notifications in Settings -> ManyCam -> Notifications -> Allow Notifications (iOS only).
  3. Restart ManyCam on all devices.
  4. Log back in on both devices using the same ManyCam account and try to connect again.
  5. Sometimes you need to refresh the list of devices as well on both desktop and mobile apps.
  6. If you still experience issues, please follow this troubleshooting guide: https://help.manycam.com/knowledge-base/manycam-mobile-app-troubleshooting/

Here’s a short video explaining how to properly connect your mobile device:

Make sure you are using the same ManyCam account on all devices.

I followed these instructions. They work if I only want to display the iPad cameras on the desktop ManyCam. However, If I try to switch to another iPad app to display that on the desktop ManyCam, I get a “Connection closed by remote device” and the connection between the desktop and iPad drops. Suggestions?

Hey @Mario_Reyna

This happens because ManyCam for mobile currently doesn’t support background data transmission.

Is there any solution yet? I have the same problems on my new Mac mini with the M1. The iOS-Device can be found als “Camera” but cannot connect due to “Timeout”. Tried it with a iPad Pro, iPad 7th Gen. and iPhone X.
Still Workling fine on my Intel MacBook Pro 2019 with all Devices.

@phistomefel, please try out beta: https://manycam.com/beta/

Thanks, Beta fixed the Problem!