[SOLVED] How to record all the sound from my computer?

If I add “System Sounds” in Audio devices only the windows sounds will be heard. I need to record people talking in Skype and Teams.

I am not very familar with ManyCam as I just got it recently. However, there are other good tools to record sound and video on my desktop, including Camtasia and Joyoshare Screen Recorder. The former is advanced while the later is easy-to-use. All can record all sound from my computer, both system and mic, in high quality.

I have figured it out in the meantime.
You have to enable stereo mixer in recording devices. Then you can add it as an input device in Manycam. The only downside is that you must use the same device as your output device as the stereo mixer shows. For example if you have realtek sound card you must use the realtek sound card to listen to your meeting/stream etc. so stereo mixer can pick up sound. You cannot use for example a bluetooth headset.
Otherwise it works just fine.

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