[SOLVED] Camera not connected


Manycan does not recognize my usb camera.

When I started manycam, everything worked except the screen was black with “camera not connected” message.

I’m on a mac using OS 10.14.6 and have manycam mac 6.
The camera is directly connected to the mac and I am not using a usb hub.

The application cambly does recognize my usb camera.
Any advice.
Cheers Ralph

Hey @ralph_DK

Welcome to the community. Do you see your webcam on the list of ManyCam video sources? If it’s there, what happens when you select it?

Hi @ralph_DK

Maybe you need to allow access to your camera? See https://support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/control-access-to-your-camera-on-mac-mchlf6d108da/mac

Hi Thanks for the response. I got the camera working shortly after posting. Cheers