Software not working on Win10

just bought the lifetime license and installed the latest version of manycam, the software starts but i can´t click nearly any menu entry or button! the normal mouse cursor changes into double arrows … (hope you understand) … so i can´t click and i can´t use the software!

i use Windows 10 und the latest ManyCam Version!

thanks for your quick help!
regards Andi


i can´t use this Software, because i can´t click!
please see Video!

thanks a lot for your help!

I have the exact same problem. Are you using an external monitor? Is the scaling setting for each monitor different?
I think it’s a scaling issue but none of the application scaling options have worked so far.

yes I´m using 2 Monitors (exact the same).
i have same scaling and dpi settings for both Monitors.
and yes, none of the scaling options within WIN10 is working.
hope for a solution!

Please locate ManyCam shortcut (should be available on desktop), right click on it and select Properties.
Click: Change high DPI Settings
Select: Override high DPI scaling behavior.
Select: Scaling performed by: SYSTEM or SYSTEM ENHANCED