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So i bought manycam lifetime back in manycam studio 5 days

so i have manycam studio 5 lifetime license however there is no download options for the older versions and it didnt go to the later versions as a lifetime license is supposed to do. is there a way to get either my money back or to get someone to give me what im supposed to have? i tried in manycam 7 to use said license and again it saying i need to pay for a upgrade when i bought a lifetime license 3-4 years back


also there is no old version downloaders which is really scummy since people paid for those versions and i would like to get my manycam 5 license to be used for thats what i paid for. is there a archive version of the site that has the old manycam 5 studio download?


Hey @OfficialDJXage

Please contact our support team at to resolve this.

That’s pretty sad we have to contact support to get the installer for our versions paid for. Where are the links? Should I just ditch MC and go download Snapcam?? Their filters do seem to be much more fluid…

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I have lifetime license for Manycam 5 Standard too. But there is not any link for download.
Even I had 2 license for lifetime Manycam 5 standard and none work for newer version.

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Going forward I want to be clear, is the manycam premium lifetime license an actual lifetime license or not? The only reason I purchased it is because it says it’s a lifetime license.

Hey @KPah2n2EmN

Please see ManyCam Devices & Video sources – ManyCam Help and Support