Snap Camera "Timeout"

Hey all,
I’m on my MacBook Pro macOS Catalina trying to use Snap Camera as a video source in one of my presets and all I see is static and the word “Timeout.” Snap camera is able to be used as a video source in other software like Zoom so I figured it might be something with ManyCam. If anyone has any info or can help I would greatly appreciate.


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Just wanted to add - I’m getting the same “timeout” trying to use Snap Camera 3.2 with ManyCam 7.7, on MBP with macOS Catalina too.

Snap Camera is working fine as a camera with Zoom Client.


Hey there,
I have the same problem when I tried to connect my Sony ZV-1 camera to MacBook Pro macOS Catalina using Sony Imaging Edge Webcam program. It run smoothly in Zoom and other software but it didn’t work in ManyCam. I saw blank screen than the word “Timeout” appeared.

Is there anybody from ManyCam staff that can help us to solve this problem?

Hey @Juswan

Unfortunately, ManyCam is not designed to work wit such cameras, please see

@alfski Snap camera has “Unknown” video format (literally) and doesn’t work e.g. in Apple’s Quick Time, so it is better ask Snap to change the format.