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My manycam setup uses 10 presets. When I open the app, the cameras all work, but any desktop screen capture needs to be setup again. Even if I have the various windows and apps open prior to opening manycam. This is time consuming to have to reset over 10 presets. Why won’t manycam remember M, for example, the Google Chrome window?

I thought I would just go around this limitation with Autohotkey which would automate selecting the various sources for the screen shares, but then when I click to share an application window, the open applications are never in the same order. Please help make my life less complicated…

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Hey @Robert,

I moved your request to Suggestions.

I have the same problem. I love Manycam, but in all my scenes the app windows have to be setup again, even if you start all apps prior to opening manycam. I am on Mac and created an app opening sequence with Automator, so all apps I want to stream are open when Manycam is opened, but Manycam doesn’t recall the app windows unfortunately. Very time consuming indeed. I hope this can be fixed in a future update!

Would you be willing to share your Automator script?

I am willing. Hope you understand that the apps I open are probably not the same you are opening. I used “Launch application” a lot and before opening the apps I actually need in screen I use “Hide all applications” and to place all object I want to record of my screen I use the record button in automator to record my actions while I drag the screens.

I’ll put a link to the script in the next post.

Here’s my ‘app’ , you have to open this app in automator, so don’t open the app itself because it will try to open programs you don’t have and that won’t work of course.


Thanks for the share. It was helpful. Now that my classes are winding down, I can get on with the job of setting all of this up properly, so that I don’t need to mess with these settings EVERY day! I can’t believe (as a developer myself) that they don’t preserve all of the settings and configuration whenever they quit and reload. Not what I expected when I paid my $120!!

I feel the same even though I like ManyCam a lot, it’s very annoying that you can’t save your Desktop windows even when you have the same programs opened… hope this will be fixed.