Screen mirroring via USB for Android


Kindly consider having a way to transfer video from the app to software via USB connection too, which sometimes can be a lot more stable.

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Hey @Adrian_Lewis

You mean transferring the mobile device camera feed? Screen mirroring is already available, but so far only on Apple devices:

Is this feature coming to Android as well?

Hey @Adrian_Lewis

We’ll definitely consider adding this functionality.

Thank you! :slight_smile: This would be a total game-changer when there’s an unstable internet connection.

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Hi Mikhail. Is it possible to screen mirror from an ios device (ipad) to a windows pc?

Hey @Jharris

Right now there is no such feature in ManyCam.

Came here for this. Any update on being able to screen-mirror Android form Zoom meetings? Without this feature Manycam is of no use to me.