Saving Transitions for presets - not working for me?

Unless I am missing something I cannot change the transitions with presets. I right click on the preset, select transition, change it to something and click OK. Then I click on another preset. Then I go back to the preset that I changed the transition on and it defaults back to crossfade. Am I missing something here? Thanks.

The transition type can be set by hotkeys or clicking on the right area of your new window the mouse. They are not saved.

HI Steve, thanks for the response. I have Manycam installed on two computers - a Mac mini M1 and a MacBook Air M1. On the Air the version is and it says it is up to date. On the mini it is version and it also says it is up to date.

On the Air - when I right click on a preset and select a transition this transition remains for all of the presets.

On the Mini - when I right click on a preset and select a transition it does not remain, and goes back to crossfade.

So now I am thoroughly confused. I don’t know why both say they are up to date and yet the versions are very different.

The transition does save on the older version but not on the newer version.

And as an aside, if transition can be set for each preset then I would expect the transition to apply to that preset only, not all of them.

Well there might be subtle differences between a Mac and PC implementation. Maybe the M1 is running a X86 layer of software Since the M1 is on ARM software, I think it runs Rosetta to convert to X86 architecture (like the PC I run on). Best to check with ManyCam on this as I am just a humble happy PC user. I think I have ManyCam on my Mac but really haven’t played around with it much so am pretty much speaking from a Windows user perspective.

On Windows, the only way to control transition time is as I mentioned before.


I noticed on Windows that I can set the default transition, however the transition is applied to all presets, not just the one I click on.

Yes, and the documentation does not match actual behavior. You are supposed to be able to “Set Transition Rules” for each video source and it doesn’t seem to work on Windows.


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